Usage Tips

For full enjoyment of your candle experience, follow the care and burning instructions provide on our packaging. Our candles are created with a blend of superior quality waxes and they provide a long burn time, and are drip and smoke resistant.


Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" inch long. This helps regulate the flame height and can reduce smoking. A short wick produces a small, more controlled flame and will not emit smoke, as an oversized flame will produce. The pure cotton wick allows pillar to burn slowly and evenly while providing a soft illuminating glow. To get the full benefit of the candle, let candle burn for at least 3 hours on initial use. This avoids candle tunneling and will provide the candle a burn path and allow for an even burn. Burning a pillar in a draft may cause the flame to smoke or candle to drip. Pillars are formulated for a quick recovery once removed from the draft. For optimum burn in a hurricane lamp, leave a 1" clearance between glass and candle. Three Wick Pillar Tip: Do not burn longer than 4 hours at a time.


Before initial use, trim wick to 1/4" inch long. Taper wick will self consume as it burns, thus it will only need to be trimmed on initial use. A 4" X 3/4" beeswax strip is included in each of our Taper cartons. If the base of your taper is too small for your candleholder, wrap the provided beeswax strip around the base of the candle, this will provide a snug fit in the holder. If the candle base is too large, warm the base of the candle with hot water. While wax is still warm, carefully trim a layer of wax with a knife. Gently fit candle into holder. Burning a taper in a steady draft may cause the flame to smoke and tapers to drip. These tapers are formulated for a quick recovery once removed from the draft.


Always place votives in an enclosed container. Before you slip a votive candle into a votive cup or holder, drop a teaspoon of water into the cup. This way, when you want to remove the votive candle to replace it with another, the candle should slide out easily. Check periodically to make sure there is ample water remaining in the holder.


Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets. Always use an appropriate non-flammable candleholder, and set on a stable, heat-resistant surface. Burn candle away from drafts and clear of flammable materials. To safely extinguish your candle, place your forefinger between the candle and your mouth, aligning it with the flame. When you blow at the candle, the "air" will circulate around your finger, and hit the flame from both sides, rather than approaching it directly.