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  • Made for People, By People

    There’s something special about knowing that the products in your home were made by another person. Another person with their own background, family, hobbies, likes and dislikes- who walks into work every morning just like you. We value this idea greatly here at Creative Candles. Every person has a story, and every one of our candles has a story because they’re individually crafted by the hands of hard working artisans.

    Why should you buy handmade products? You can rest assured that the items you buy are ethically made by caring people who appreciate their craft. The artisans who make Creative Candles are highly trained individuals that are dedicated to providing customers like you with top-of-the-line candles to adorn your home.

    The key to making a gorgeous, premium candle every time is producing them in small batches. Rather than vigorously cranking out as many candles as possible, we choose to take our time to create our candles in an efficient and thoughtful manner.

    Mixing modern technology with the centuries-old art of candle making means that we are able to produce high-quality candles at a scale that allows us to provide candles to you, our customers, all throughout the US.

    When you hold and use one of our candles, you’ll feel, see and realize the value in a truly artisan handmade candle.

    Each candle from Creative Candles was made by an actual person before it got to you- not a machine. Someone on our 10-person team hand makes and meticulously inspects each one, ensuring that the candle that ends up in your hands is of the highest standards. Our people take pride in their work, knowing that they are producing a superior end result.

    Each person on our team, no matter their role, is focused on more than just production. We’re inspired by creating memorable experiences for our customers. We want to be part of your celebrations, the style of your home, and your gift giving. We love knowing we are creating candles that will light the most defining times of your life – everything from a quiet night in, to a major life event celebration.

    Candles are more than just an object to us. They’re a symbol of hard work, genuine care and collaboration. We hope this comes to mind whenever you are burning a Creative Candle.


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  • How to Spot a Quality Candle

    Handcrafting candles gives each one its own unique look and personality. A premium candle adds more character to a room, table setting, or event. We're giving you the tips you need to help you tell the difference between a high-quality candle and a mass-produced one. 

    1. Before burning your candle, look at the wick area. Is the wick nice and clean? That combined with a smooth shape and heavy feel, which shows the candle has been hand-dipped. Candles with sharp edges have been machine molded.

    2. Dipped candles are always a better choice over candles that have been poured into a mold. Why? Dipped candles burn more smoothly because of the multiple layers of wax that promote excellent, even burning.

    3. Check the color at the top and bottom of the candle. Creative Candles taper candles have the same color wax all the way through the candle. Many companies use a white base candle and overdip it with a layer of colored wax. You’ll definitely see the core when you burn it because the colored wax is just a shell around the white core.

    4. Quality, hand-made candles have different flames than cheaper ones that are mass produced in factories. High quality candles have a captivating flame that attracts your eye.

    A strong flame will provide a great flicker that is mesmerizing!

    A flame that is too small will burn for a long time, but it will not be attractive.

    A flame that is too big won’t have the right “flicker.” It will look more like a piece of wood burning and the candle will burn down quickly.

    5. Using a blend of high quality waxes effects the way a candle burns. Slow and even burning means a premium blend of wax has been used. Our proprietary blend of waxes and other ingredients in our recipe provides the candle with what it needs to create a slow, even burn.

    6. A high-quality flame will burn clean without producing smoke or soot. The size of the wick is incredibly important. The wick pulls the liquid wax up for the flame to burn. At Creative Candles, we use a very unique 100% cotton wick designed for taper candles. Our wick sizes are perfectly matched with our taper candle diameters so you get a clean, dripless candle every time you burn it.

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  • Why Products with Imperfections are Better

    Perfection is something that we all strive for, but likely feel like we never achieve. Merriam-Webster defines perfect as “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.” But is this really what we should be aiming for?

    This month we’re all about the idea of “Relax and Simplify.” We often put so much pressure on ourselves and others to reach lofty, sometimes unreasonable goals. We complicate our lives with busy schedules, big ideas, and unrealistic expectations. Starting now, we’re creating an environment where imperfections and happy mistakes are tolerated and even welcomed.

    The Path to Imperfection

    Start by clearing out any unnecessary clutter in your life - literally. Your living space directly reflects the life you are living.

    Are your shelves filled with books you’ll never read again, outdated decor that no longer brings you joy or documents you’ve been meaning to go through since last year’s “spring cleaning” effort?

    Take on a minimalistic mindset and only keep objects that bring you joy when you see them. Simple is better so having products and decor around you that you truly enjoy will create a fresh outlook on life. What a perfect reminder to take a step back and relax.

    Replace the clutter in your house with some glowing ball candles to represent this newfound light and airy attitude you’ve taken on.

    Be mindful of the colors you choose. White is associated with light, goodness, and purity. Blue represents tranquility, wisdom, and confidence. Green encourages growth, harmony, and freshness. Place them in high-traffic areas of your home so you can be reminded often of what they represent.

    At Creative Candles, we incorporate our relax and simplify mentality to all of the products that we create. Because our products are handcrafted by artisans rather than mass-produced from an assembly line of machines, each candle is thoughtfully and deliberately made. Each candle has its own unique character and personality.

    Our team of artisans enjoys creating these candles. We hope their positive energy is carried into your home when you burn our candles.

    Not everything has to be “perfect”. In fact, maybe perfect is not what we should aim for at all.

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  • Using Candles to Create a Cozy Night

    Hygge. It’s everywhere. The Danish concept doesn’t translate directly to English, but that doesn’t stop everyone from talking about it – and for good reason. Sometimes it’s a verb, and sometimes it’s an adjective. No matter the exact part of speech, hygge is always an experience, and one worth replicating in our hectic lives.

    Setting aside the challenges of everyday life for a calm evening at home surrounded by people and things you love…that’s hygge. Maybe it’s with friends, enjoying a glass of wine and chatting about life. Maybe it’s with family, making the most of the time and living in the moment. These experiences are simple to achieve, but have lasting impact – it’s when we create the memories and make the connections we’ll cherish for a lifetime.  

    How do you create this experience? Reading this, you’re no doubt envisioning a room you love serving as an escape from everyday life. That’s a great start, and here are a few more defining elements of any true hygge experience:

    • Togetherness – the feeling that you’re with the ones you love, whose company you enjoy above all else. Feeling the warmth radiate from our relationships is truly hygge.
    • Quiet – maybe you’re talking, but it’s not a raucous experience. Muted tones, quiet conversation, and relaxing topics make for a memorable hygge evening filled with joy.
    • Light – the most important hygge element? Light. The ambiance provided by soft, low light is the perfect backdrop to an ideal hygge experience.

    Turns out light itself is the single-most important aspect of creating hygge experiences. Even better? The Danes are the experts here, and they’ll tell you it’s about natural sources of light – a crackling fire and candlelight. Maybe you don’t have a fireplace, but you can achieve the same result with carefully-selected candles.

    Candles create the ultimate relaxing, cozy lighting – and they’re for everyone, every space, and every day. Small room or large, candles will illuminate a room at exactly the right level for a perfect hygge evening.

    And why limit it to an evening? Make hygge a daily goal – turn off the phones, light candles, and snuggle up with a cup of tea to unwind every day.

    Premium luxury candles from Creative Candles deepen the hygge experience with smokeless, dripless candles that are great for both those special evenings with friends and your daily hygge goals.

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  • Gifting Experiences: Book Lover

    This holiday season we are focusing on gifting experiences to our loved ones. In this third blog of the series, we discuss giving the gift of a relaxing night in with a good book- for you, for your friend or for your family member. Enjoy.

    There are few pleasures in life greater than being fully immersed in a great book. The struggle is finding the time. Let’s face it – carving out space in our day to sit down with a good read is difficult. Despite the mental and physical well-being benefits of relaxing with a stimulating novel or work of non-fiction, we often overlook this as a proven way to remove ourselves from the daily grind.

    Making this a habit is a good idea, and it helps to accompany it with a bit of a routine that changes your mindset and helps you unwind.

    As with most relaxing environments, lighting is key. Creating the ambiance in which the benefits of reading can be fully realized is an important aspect of the experience. Further, the ritual of taking the time to prepare the room gets your mind in a place to take full advantage of the escape into your book.

    Once you’ve selected the optimal reading nook in your home, complete the space with candles. While you’ll likely need another light source for reading, candles provide two important things – defining the space and defining the event. Setting the tone with soft light is instantly impactful, and taking the time to light the candles and settle in helps you luxuriate in your precious reading time.

    It’s a small thing, really – pausing for a moment to prepare your room and your mind for immersion in a good book. But like most small things, it’s worth it and makes all the difference.

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  • Gifting Experiences: Home Spa

    This holiday season we are focusing on gifting experiences to our loved ones. In this second blog of the series we discuss giving the gift of a relaxing spa night in - for you, for your friend or for your family member. Enjoy.


    Numerous studies expound the health benefits of a bath – everything from improved sleep to boosting memory. When you give the gift of a home spa night, you are allowing your friend to take a break, disconnect, and focus on herself, all of which aid in relaxation, stress reduction, and shifting our point of view in a harried world.

    In today’s connected society, our homes are often our refuge. Most people today are subject to a lot of demands from others. It’s essential to our mental and physical well-being that we take the time to pamper ourselves on a regular basis.

    To create a home spa experience, you only need a few items - starting with a few candles.

    Candles are present in every iconic relaxing-in-a-bath photo and epitomize a luxurious setting for taking care of ourselves. The natural warm glow that only candlelight can provide instantly calms our minds and appeals to our senses.

    And it’s important to have the right candles to put the perfect touches on your home spa. To truly shut the door on the world at home and come out feeling refreshed, make the most of the experience by filling it with the best. Handmade, artisan candles match the unique and high-end experience you’re creating for yourself.


    Candles are the single-most important element in designing the home spa experience that will transform your day. Knowing those candles are carefully made with this experience in mind means you can’t find a better option to create just the right room for just the right moment.

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