Using Candles to Create a Cozy Night

Hygge. It’s everywhere. The Danish concept doesn’t translate directly to English, but that doesn’t stop everyone from talking about it – and for good reason. Sometimes it’s a verb, and sometimes it’s an adjective. No matter the exact part of speech, hygge is always an experience, and one worth replicating in our hectic lives.

Setting aside the challenges of everyday life for a calm evening at home surrounded by people and things you love…that’s hygge. Maybe it’s with friends, enjoying a glass of wine and chatting about life. Maybe it’s with family, making the most of the time and living in the moment. These experiences are simple to achieve, but have lasting impact – it’s when we create the memories and make the connections we’ll cherish for a lifetime.  

How do you create this experience? Reading this, you’re no doubt envisioning a room you love serving as an escape from everyday life. That’s a great start, and here are a few more defining elements of any true hygge experience:

  • Togetherness – the feeling that you’re with the ones you love, whose company you enjoy above all else. Feeling the warmth radiate from our relationships is truly hygge.
  • Quiet – maybe you’re talking, but it’s not a raucous experience. Muted tones, quiet conversation, and relaxing topics make for a memorable hygge evening filled with joy.
  • Light – the most important hygge element? Light. The ambiance provided by soft, low light is the perfect backdrop to an ideal hygge experience.

Turns out light itself is the single-most important aspect of creating hygge experiences. Even better? The Danes are the experts here, and they’ll tell you it’s about natural sources of light – a crackling fire and candlelight. Maybe you don’t have a fireplace, but you can achieve the same result with carefully-selected candles.

Candles create the ultimate relaxing, cozy lighting – and they’re for everyone, every space, and every day. Small room or large, candles will illuminate a room at exactly the right level for a perfect hygge evening.

And why limit it to an evening? Make hygge a daily goal – turn off the phones, light candles, and snuggle up with a cup of tea to unwind every day.

Premium luxury candles from Creative Candles deepen the hygge experience with smokeless, dripless candles that are great for both those special evenings with friends and your daily hygge goals.