Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Everyone in your Wedding

Your wedding day is a day like no other. You spent months of planning, but you didn’t do it alone. By the time you get to your big day, you’ll have some very important people to thank. The bridal party that you chose to stand by your side and support you throughout your engagement, and your mother and mother-in-law to be are a few special people that you need to show your gratitude for. Here are some ideas to help you give them the thanks that they deserve.

Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom

Your wedding is an exciting and emotional day for not only yourself, but the mothers that raised you and your groom. These women are seeing off their children and watching you start your new life as a married woman. Thank them with something thoughtful and memorable. Maybe start by writing them a letter to open on the day of your wedding. Tell them how thankful you are for their influence in your life. Thank your soon-to-be mother-in-law for raising up the man that would become your husband. Thank your own mom for supporting you and teaching you how to be the woman you are today.

Next, pick out something that she can keep forever. Something that she can look at and remember this day. A pair of earrings or a necklace are perfect for this. You can personalize it and give her a piece of jewelry with her birthstone in it. Choose a Cocktail Set in your wedding colors and tie a bow around them. She can burn them at home and be reminded of your gorgeous wedding day!

Your gifts don’t have to be extremely expensive and extravagant. You just need to show your gratitude in a simple way that she will remember for years to come how appreciated she felt on your wedding day.

Bridal Party

Your closest group of girlfriends has had your back with everything from planning your bachelorette party to making sure you have a tissue to wipe away your happy tears. Thank them with a box full of their favorite things.

You can’t have a celebration without a little bubbly, so put a mini bottle of champagne in the box. Fuzzy socks are always a good idea. What girl doesn’t love to feel cozy? Add in something to pamper your bridesmaid like a bath bomb, lipstick or a bottle of nail polish. Put a pair of Taper Candles in her favorite color into the gift box so that she can decorate with them or burn them on the side of a relaxing bath. Give your bridesmaids all matching robes that they can wear as you all get ready together the morning of the wedding. This way, no one’s hair or makeup will get messed up or smudged and a matching robe picture is a cute memory you can keep forever!  

Again, these gifts don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Things add up fast when you’re buying gifts for all of your bridesmaids! Just find a few items that will make your girls feel special and cared for.

Wedding Favors

Your wedding guests also pay a special role on your big day. The crowd of people sitting and supporting your new marriage needs to know that you are thankful that they took the time out to come witness this day. Some guests traveled hundreds of miles for this one night- let them know that they are loved! When it comes to a gift that can please a diverse crowd, think simple. A votive candle that matches your wedding colors is perfect. You can get a box of 36 votives for $39.75 and personalize them in any way you want without breaking the bank. Add a tag with a phrase like “Let love burn” and attach it with a ribbon. Arrange them on a table that the guests will pass by at the end of the night so that they can each grab their own little “thank you”.

There’s a lot to do before your wedding day and gifts shouldn't be your biggest worry. Take these tips and personalize them in whatever way you want to and show the most important people in your life how loved they are.