Made for People, By People

There’s something special about knowing that the products in your home were made by another person. Another person with their own background, family, hobbies, likes and dislikes- who walks into work every morning just like you. We value this idea greatly here at Creative Candles. Every person has a story, and every one of our candles has a story because they’re individually crafted by the hands of hard working artisans.

Why should you buy handmade products? You can rest assured that the items you buy are ethically made by caring people who appreciate their craft. The artisans who make Creative Candles are highly trained individuals that are dedicated to providing customers like you with top-of-the-line candles to adorn your home.

The key to making a gorgeous, premium candle every time is producing them in small batches. Rather than vigorously cranking out as many candles as possible, we choose to take our time to create our candles in an efficient and thoughtful manner.

Mixing modern technology with the centuries-old art of candle making means that we are able to produce high-quality candles at a scale that allows us to provide candles to you, our customers, all throughout the US.

When you hold and use one of our candles, you’ll feel, see and realize the value in a truly artisan handmade candle.

Each candle from Creative Candles was made by an actual person before it got to you- not a machine. Someone on our 10-person team hand makes and meticulously inspects each one, ensuring that the candle that ends up in your hands is of the highest standards. Our people take pride in their work, knowing that they are producing a superior end result.

Each person on our team, no matter their role, is focused on more than just production. We’re inspired by creating memorable experiences for our customers. We want to be part of your celebrations, the style of your home, and your gift giving. We love knowing we are creating candles that will light the most defining times of your life – everything from a quiet night in, to a major life event celebration.

Candles are more than just an object to us. They’re a symbol of hard work, genuine care and collaboration. We hope this comes to mind whenever you are burning a Creative Candle.