How to Spot a Quality Candle

Handcrafting candles gives each one its own unique look and personality. A premium candle adds more character to a room, table setting, or event. We're giving you the tips you need to help you tell the difference between a high-quality candle and a mass-produced one. 

1. Before burning your candle, look at the wick area. Is the wick nice and clean? That combined with a smooth shape and heavy feel, which shows the candle has been hand-dipped. Candles with sharp edges have been machine molded.

2. Dipped candles are always a better choice over candles that have been poured into a mold. Why? Dipped candles burn more smoothly because of the multiple layers of wax that promote excellent, even burning.

3. Check the color at the top and bottom of the candle. Creative Candles taper candles have the same color wax all the way through the candle. Many companies use a white base candle and overdip it with a layer of colored wax. You’ll definitely see the core when you burn it because the colored wax is just a shell around the white core.

4. Quality, hand-made candles have different flames than cheaper ones that are mass produced in factories. High quality candles have a captivating flame that attracts your eye.

A strong flame will provide a great flicker that is mesmerizing!

A flame that is too small will burn for a long time, but it will not be attractive.

A flame that is too big won’t have the right “flicker.” It will look more like a piece of wood burning and the candle will burn down quickly.

5. Using a blend of high quality waxes effects the way a candle burns. Slow and even burning means a premium blend of wax has been used. Our proprietary blend of waxes and other ingredients in our recipe provides the candle with what it needs to create a slow, even burn.

6. A high-quality flame will burn clean without producing smoke or soot. The size of the wick is incredibly important. The wick pulls the liquid wax up for the flame to burn. At Creative Candles, we use a very unique 100% cotton wick designed for taper candles. Our wick sizes are perfectly matched with our taper candle diameters so you get a clean, dripless candle every time you burn it.