Gifting Experiences: Home Spa

This holiday season we are focusing on gifting experiences to our loved ones. In this second blog of the series we discuss giving the gift of a relaxing spa night in - for you, for your friend or for your family member. Enjoy.


Numerous studies expound the health benefits of a bath – everything from improved sleep to boosting memory. When you give the gift of a home spa night, you are allowing your friend to take a break, disconnect, and focus on herself, all of which aid in relaxation, stress reduction, and shifting our point of view in a harried world.

In today’s connected society, our homes are often our refuge. Most people today are subject to a lot of demands from others. It’s essential to our mental and physical well-being that we take the time to pamper ourselves on a regular basis.

To create a home spa experience, you only need a few items - starting with a few candles.

Candles are present in every iconic relaxing-in-a-bath photo and epitomize a luxurious setting for taking care of ourselves. The natural warm glow that only candlelight can provide instantly calms our minds and appeals to our senses.

And it’s important to have the right candles to put the perfect touches on your home spa. To truly shut the door on the world at home and come out feeling refreshed, make the most of the experience by filling it with the best. Handmade, artisan candles match the unique and high-end experience you’re creating for yourself.


Candles are the single-most important element in designing the home spa experience that will transform your day. Knowing those candles are carefully made with this experience in mind means you can’t find a better option to create just the right room for just the right moment.

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