Gifting Experiences: Date Night In

This holiday season we are focusing on gifting experiences to our loved ones. In this first blog of the series we discuss a date night in with your significant other. Enjoy.

On the whole, we’re a busy society. Nearly everyone these days is scheduled to the max, and if it’s not on the calendar, it’s not real. For couples, it’s easy to get lost in the activity and forget what’s most important – our significant other. That’s why it’s important to carve out time in that calendar for date nights.

And let’s be clear – date nights are special. These are the evenings with your love and should be treated with care. No rushing allowed! A bit of planning and some careful thought go a long way in creating an experience that keeps the magic alive in your relationship.

That said, sometimes the best date nights are those without a lot of fuss. The time and energy you put into planning a special evening doesn’t have to mean a dinner reservation and theater tickets. Sometimes the greatest joy can be found right at home, appreciating your shared space in a new way and for a new reason.

Still, you want it to be special. You spend a lot of time in your home, and it can be the scene of rushed greetings and exits, crying children, and the national news on the TV. Just because you stay home for a date night doesn’t mean you can simply order in and kick back on the couch.

For the night to be special, you must transform your home from the daily grind to an oasis.

You want the experience to feel luxurious, bespoke, and meant for a couple reconnecting.

To get started, lower the lights, turn off your phones, have a glass of wine. And light a beautiful, handmade candle.

Candlelight is the most effective way to create a whole new environment in your home. High-end candles evoke not only a feeling of indulgence perfect for a date night, they also provide a smokeless, dripless burn that doesn’t distract from the experience you’ve created.

Apart from decluttering, you really needn’t do much more – the warmth and ambiance provided by candlelight is all you need to enjoy your home from a new perspective.

So send the kids to grandma’s or the neighbor’s, bring in or prepare a nice dinner, and enjoy each other by the light of a few nice candles. It’s bound to be an evening you won’t forget, and hopefully will become a regular occurrence that shapes the future of your relationship.