Gifting Experiences: Book Lover

This holiday season we are focusing on gifting experiences to our loved ones. In this third blog of the series, we discuss giving the gift of a relaxing night in with a good book- for you, for your friend or for your family member. Enjoy.

There are few pleasures in life greater than being fully immersed in a great book. The struggle is finding the time. Let’s face it – carving out space in our day to sit down with a good read is difficult. Despite the mental and physical well-being benefits of relaxing with a stimulating novel or work of non-fiction, we often overlook this as a proven way to remove ourselves from the daily grind.

Making this a habit is a good idea, and it helps to accompany it with a bit of a routine that changes your mindset and helps you unwind.

As with most relaxing environments, lighting is key. Creating the ambiance in which the benefits of reading can be fully realized is an important aspect of the experience. Further, the ritual of taking the time to prepare the room gets your mind in a place to take full advantage of the escape into your book.

Once you’ve selected the optimal reading nook in your home, complete the space with candles. While you’ll likely need another light source for reading, candles provide two important things – defining the space and defining the event. Setting the tone with soft light is instantly impactful, and taking the time to light the candles and settle in helps you luxuriate in your precious reading time.

It’s a small thing, really – pausing for a moment to prepare your room and your mind for immersion in a good book. But like most small things, it’s worth it and makes all the difference.